Christian Classic Cruisers


1958 Impala Convertible

Owners:  Virgil and Edene Heathman of Grapevine, TX

Engine:  350 with tuned port injection
Drivetrain:  1992 Z28 engine and transmission
Options:  Continental spare and fender skirts
Paint:  Silver Blue

We bought the car in 1980 as a wreck.  The body of the car was in real bad condition.  The car was rebuilt between the years of 1995 and 2002.  Edene likes the fact that the majority of the restoration work was completed as a husband and wife team.  The Heathman’s did seek outside help for the paint finish and the installation of the interior.

Other Interesting facts:

They have five other 1958 cars, mostly hardtops.  One is a Red '58 Hardtop that they have had since 1965.  They still have the '59 Cadillac that they bought new, but don't drive it much anymore.  

Congratulations to Virgil and Edene as they have been married for over 56 years, and that includes those seven years of working very closely together on this beautiful 1958 Impala Convertible.

Thank you to the Heathman’s for bringing this wonderful automobile to the Christian Classic Cruise each month.  We love having you both and seeing this GREAT vehicle!!

2012 Featured Car - Heathman